180 Unlimited


In late 2013, a few friends gathered on a yacht for a movie and rum night. We had been thinking about starting a company to pursue our desire of yachting and sailing and travel. During this particular movie night we watched "180 South". During that movie, Doug Tompkins (adventurer, conservationist, founder of The North Face) said something that struck all of us:

“In response to people saying “you can’t go back,” I say, “Well what happens if you get to the cliff and you take one step forward? Or, do you do a 180° turn and take one step forward?” Which way are you going? Which way is progress? The solution to many of the world’s problems is to turn around and take a step forward. You can’t keep going trying to make a flawed system work.”

It was a very profound statement and idea to us. Most would see having to "go back" when they get to an insurmountable obstacle in life. But even if you have to turn around, as long as you face forward, you are taking steps forward. Just because the path did not end up where you thought or where you wanted, you can always go back and find a new way, or go around, or make your own path. So we had a name. 180. But we needed more. Something that was not going to lock us into one genre or movement. We did not want to be chained down or walled in. We wanted to be free, no limits. So 180 Unlimited was born. 

Now, as life has taken us in different directions geographically, we still have the same outlook: Love of life, travel, food, drink, culture, yachting, and much more!

"Travel isn't a hobby, it's a way of life."

- Christina Columbo



180 Unlimited is made up of two friends:

Capt. Adam Hauck    @seamesail #seamesail

Capt. Desiree Starr Radford

...and maybe you?

We are entrepreneurs, if you have to label us or group us into a category... But we don't like that. We are:

Excited about life, travel, food, drink, culture, yachting, and much more!

We are always interested in new ideas, opportunities, and friends. Please do not hesitate to contact us!